Backyard Garden Ideas

MicroInsurance PhilippinesA small backyard garden is one of the best additions to your property. It can increase its value, make it more beautiful and give you a great hobby to work on throughout the year. Depending on how the garden is connected to your patio, it can also be a great place to entertain guests.

As is the case with any aesthetic choice, there are styles and trends that become popular and go away, when it comes to garden design. Have in mind that it’s fine to follow these trends but you’ll use your home for years and you should stick to something that can last at least for a while.

Natural materials

All-natural gardens have been popular for a while now and not only for their aesthetics but also because of it’s a sustainable way to set up your yard. This starts with the way the plants (or produce) are grown but it goes beyond that.

All the yard structures should also be made from natural materials only. It’s rather easy to find stone locally and if have a lumber yard in your area wood will also be inexpensive.

Outdoor dining

There’s something to be said about dining outside in the garden right next to the produce you’ve grown and prepared yourself. Dining in a beautifully arranged garden that doesn’t have any produce is also rather pleasant. The homeowner however, needs to make some preparations to make this possible.

Start with installing Shade Sails to protect you from the elements. It’s also important to add outdoor lights to your new dining area and that can be done without adding any wiring at all. Things are much more practical if this area is adjacent or at least close to your kitchen.


Localism means one thing when it comes to gardens – everything you grow needs to be bought and planted locally. There are many advantages to this approach. Firstly, it’s less costly than other options. Secondly, that way you’ll make sure the plants will work with your soil and weather conditions.

In the end, this is a better choice for the environment since it cuts down on your carbon footprint. There’s much less moving and driving involved in your gardening and that’s where you impact the environment the most. It will also connect you with your community because you need to be in order to find these plants.

No more lawns

This last trend isn’t new, but it takes time to actually take root in our communities. It’s the trend of giving up on lawns as front yard decorations. Lawns require a lot of water and a lot of work, and they don’t add that much to your property other than a traditional aesthetic.

Many decide to replace these grass lawns for something that’s more useful such as healthy produce. It doesn’t look as neat and organized as the traditional lawns tend to do, but it’s better for both the environment and your family’s diet. You may be the odd one in the neighborhood but give it a try.

There are many new and exciting trends in gardening and you should try to follow. However since it’s your home and a place to be made your own in terms of style, you don’t need to go for what’s fashionable all the time.