3D Pen

We truly live in the age of innovation. The best description of this situation can be seen in Bill Gates’s iconic statement that in the next 10 years, the business world might change more than it did in the last 50. One of the amazing devices that just might spearhead this change in the next 10 years will definitely be a 3D pen. However, this device has a much wider application, both personal and industrial. With that in mind, let’s briefly examine chief reasons why you might need a 3D pen in 2019.

1. Single-step manufacture

One of the best advantages of 3D pen’s existence is the fact that it gives a whole new meaning to a concept of the single-step manufacturer. You have this tool that’s simple to use and, at the same time, acts as a portable, hand-held 3D printer. This means that you can literally use it to create any object that you can draw within a couple of hours. Sure, it’s unlikely that these devices will have a wide application in the manufacturing industry, however, they could find at least some application in virtually every plant.

2. Customization

The previously discussed manufacturing process is huge when it comes to prototype manufacturing. Provided that a potential investor dislikes the model, you can alter it in a matter of minutes or have a new one ready in a couple of hours. Needless to say, this can increase your odds of making a good impression and it means that you won’t put your life’s work at risk by having one shot to make a deal. This customization is also quite important in standard manufacturing.

3. Outstanding learning options

One of the most incredible things about the use of a 3D pen for the learning process is the fact that it allows kids to learn through practice. In the digital era, it’s sometimes easy to lose the link between the digital and the real and an amazing educational products shop packs like the 3Doodler can help you reestablish this connection.

The benefit of this is so apparent that there are a lot of schools and other institutions out there adopting this trend as we speak.

4. Speed

Previously, we’ve mentioned the ease of this alteration, as well as the ability to produce a prototype in a matter of hours. Therefore, it’s inevitable that we list speed as our next major item on this list. Due to the fact that it eliminates so many unnecessary steps and processes, this device allows you the fastest way possible to create the device or model in question. Keep in mind that this is also great for parents (other than just as a didactic tool) since it allows them to manufacture their own toys.

5. Simplicity of customization

Finally, when you consider what we’ve mentioned as benefits so far, there’s only one thing that’s left to say, and it’s just how easy it is to use this tool for customization. While some may see 3D printing as something incredibly complex, the truth is that the use of a 3D pen seems somehow intuitive and simple. All it takes is a short tutorial and a couple of hours of practice for some of the most creative users to start making wonders with this unbelievable device.


As you could see, regardless if you’re a business owner, a designer, an inventor or a parent, you desperately need to get your hands on a 3D pen. Why? Because it can revolutionize the way in which you handle some of the most crucial tasks at hand. At the moment, this item may not be standard in the majority of households but soon, this situation may drastically change for the better.