Have you found a love worth fighting for? If yes, then most likely, you find your life has more meaning, has more color. Your life is worth living for.

He Said: True love might be hard to come by for many, but it sure is to come once you seriously and positively welcome this possibility into your life. The sooner, the better. Remember that life is here to be lived and you’re not on earth merely to exist. Thus, my friend, open your heart, more than your mind. Welcome positive vibes as you shy away from negatives. Change is coming. 🙂

She Said: Be open for love to enter your life. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been in the past. What only matters is what you decide to do today and where you want your life to be tomorrow. Remember that God is the source of love. I’m sure He’ll want you to experience it yourself, right? Claim it!

To-Do Today: Thank someone for loving you.

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