There are people out there who are waiting to meet you and waiting to love you. You just need to stick around for them. (Photo via www.thebridalbox.com)

waiting-for-love-quotes-1From message sender “Monica” |

Hi, I have been reading your posts and find them helpful.

I need your advice. Three consecutive bachelors left me. Please tell me what should I do.

Do I just stop loving someone? Or is it my destiny to be single such that I could not find “that” someone?

Thank you.


He Said, She Said: I believe that we make our own decisions in life while yes, God has a definite plan for us. It depends on whether we accept it or not. The key is first to pray for discernment so we will be able to know God’s plan and be able to align ourselves to that perfect plan.
You should continue to Love. The Lord didn’t stop loving us despite all the pains and insults that man has put Him through, right? If he did, we would have been doomed to die and not have eternal life.

Love is not a question of us deciding to do it again or not. It is our destiny, to follow your line of thinking. We were made for love, to love.

Patience is the key. Never rush into another relationship especially just because the opportunity presents itself. Pray for wisdom to know what’s next, who’s next. And hopefully, that person will be “the one.”

Keep yourself open for love, to love. Be true to who you are, and be beautiful always — inside and out. True love will find its way to you eventually.

Life is a series of puzzles and riddles we need to solve on a daily basis. Thus, take things one day at a time.

Do not look for that someone. Prepare yourself to be THAT someone. God will lead him to you. It’s because you deserve only the best.

God loves you, Monica. That is the best news ever!

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