Allianz PNB Life has assured its customers that it will prioritize the processing of claims related to diagnoses of COVID-19 2020 - Microinsurance Philippines
Allianz PNB Life President & CEO - Alexander Grenz

Microinsurance Philippines|Allianz to Fast-Track Claims Process of Customers With COVID-19|Allianz PNB Life has assured its customers that it will prioritize the processing of claims related to diagnoses of COVID-19.

“In the unfortunate event that you contract  COVID-19 and need to file a claim, trust that Allianz PNB Life will treat your case with extreme urgency and the utmost sensitivity,” Allianz PNB Life President and CEO Alexander Grenz said.

He added that Allianz is doing everything it can to provide its customers with undisrupted service by keeping its customer service department fully-equipped and operational to address inquiries.

Allianz PNB Life was also one of the first Philippine insurance companies to activate its virtual selling process to address the rising interest in health protection products brought about by the pandemic. Financial agents and customers can now transact their business online, without worrying about breaking the rules of physical distancing. Requirements can be submitted through email as well.

The virtual selling process also makes it possible for Allianz financial agents to continue working without having to leave the safety of their homes.

“While the community quarantine in the Philippines is necessary to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we acknowledge that it has brought about significant hardship and challenges to different sectors of society,“ Grenz said. 

“Things are changing before our eyes. Even after the community quarantine is lifted, some things will not go back to the way they were. We are staying on top of these changes and finding ways to adapt so that we can continue to engage with our customers as their expectations and needs evolve. Rest assured, we are committed to address the situation by adjusting quickly to these new circumstances to meet the needs of our customers,” he added.

Since the start of the community quarantine, Allianz has prioritized the health and well-being of its employees and intermediaries. A work-from-home strategy was implemented and an online community was established to make sure all employees are seamlessly connected. More importantly, financial assistance and mental health support were provided to help employees and intermediaries relieve the burden and stress brought about by the global pandemic.

“In this period of uncertainty, we at Allianz PNB Life see this as an opportunity to live up to our promise to be your companion in exploring life and navigating through its ups and downs. We are all in this together, and without a doubt, we will come out of this crisis stronger,” Grenz said.