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If you’re a blogger or writer who likes going on trips, especially out-of-the country adventures, there will be instances that you’ll feel uneasy and sick because you have probably done something new and you’re experiencing a different kind of weather in that place. If you’re a working mom or dad and you’re dealing with business, advocacy and personal matters through an everyday hectic schedule, chances are, you would get prone to sicknesses as you tend to forget about yourself and your health. If you’re someone who gets things done for other people, such as find them good homes, take care for their physical aesthetics, secure their money or guide them on their travels, you will always be exposed to risks, especially regarding your health.

All these things are possible to happen to anybody, no matter what they are doing anywhere in the world, that is why it is important that one is always ready, or if not, someone else must be ready for them.

You need not to worry, because AXA Philippines would get your ever-changing needs covered, through their recently launched premium product called Global Health Access. It is a medical coverage that you could basically use anywhere in the world, anytime you need it. Here are its benefits and coverage:

  • 15-70 year-old individuals residing in the Philippines can avail of the Global Health Access plan, with a Php100 Million maximum coverage
  • Extensive medical coverage for in-patient treatments and out-patient procedures and annual physical exam
  • Choose your preferred specialist, doctor or medical practitioner within or outside AXA’s network who you are comfortable with
  • Accessible and 24/7 health information and support through a telephone service with AXA’s team of nurses, pharmacists, counselors and midwives who are ready to provide reliable medical information and advice
  • Cashless transactions as the team pay for your expenses directly to the medical provider as you undergo procedures or treatments
  • A global concierge who’s always ready to provide the assistance that you need, such as treatment or procedure scheduling, flight bookings, hospital transfers or even dining reservations

With all these covered by one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, you could be sure that you’d get the best in life, just as how AXA’s ambassadors assure us that work and play could be done well without any worries. Jeannie Javelosa, a visual artist, curator and a social entrepreneur, feels secure as she goes out in the world to empower women. Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, one of the country’s finest poets who has won a number of prestigious awards and has written fictions and essays locally and internationally, feels like someone’s taking care of her anywhere she goes, as she travels across countries. Last but not the least, Raymond Rufino, a businessman and his wife, Anna Palayab-Rufino, a dermatologist, both believes that with AXA, they could go through anything as they work with other people’s welfare and wellness, too.

This newest health solution would be the best partner of anybody living up for their dreams and passion in life. Global Health Access surely provides world-class benefits for people who deserve only the best in life, including a premium healthcare service such as AXA’s.

“We are hopeful that with this product now available in the market, we would be able to empower and really provide more Filipinos to truly enjoy their dreams, to live their passions without worrying how they would have to face a medical emergency, should it come up and know that they have access to the best medical care and service anywhere in the world.” – Ms. Amor Balagtas, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of AXA Philippines

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