Axie Infinity: Origin Now Available via Android APK

Microinsurance Philippines | Axie Infinity: Origin Now Available via Android APK | May 12, 2022 — Sky Mavis, the creator of the category-defining NFT title Axie Infinity, announced today the global Early Access release of Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles v3) via Android APK.

Sky Mavis has created a battle system that is more fun, beautiful, and engaging and opens the Axie ecosystem up to a broader audience. Since its Early Access desktop-only release in April, Axie Infinity: Origin has experienced over half a million downloads. Through this Android APK release, Axie Infinity: Origin is fulfilling its goal to be more accessible than ever. 

Since its launch, the game has been updated with even more balancing, a more rewarding matchmaking algorithm, and numerous bug fixes.

“Even without SLP or AXS rewards, we are seeing strong traction of Origin during this early access phase and are excited to open it up to Android users. Now is a special time for our community to focus on having fun while learning Origin’s new battle system and mechanics. We’ve promised to develop Origin alongside the community and we are aggressively updating Origin as feedback comes in so that we can create the best gameplay possible,” shared Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis CEO.

After an initial early access period, Sky Mavis plans to launch Origin on Android and iOS app stores and will work towards a full launch that incorporates SLP rewards, NFT Runes / Charms, and official Seasons.

Download Axie Infinity: Origin by visiting Mavis Hub, or download Mavis Hub here. To leave a suggestion about Origin, please share feedback on the ideas portal.