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From message sender “Karla” (Bicol) |

Hi! I’m from Bicol and I’m a reader of this page, and found it so deep. I just want to have you’re opinion about things that bothered me for weeks now. So here it goes:

I’m a 4th year high school student.

I have a bestfriend who I’ve known for almost 3 years. We’ve been classmates from Grade 8 to Grade 9, but now we’re separated.

I have felt that she treated me like her sister, and so did I. In fact, we’ve been best buddies.

But somehow, things went wrong.

It’s so sad that in just one snap, ever since we’re not in the same class now, it seems she has slowly drifted away. She now seems to be the opposite of who I knew she was. We fight and we barely talk now. Sometimes, I hear things I didn’t expect to hear from her. Still, I was hoping we’d still be ok.

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know how to fix things between us.

Please, I just want your opinion. Hope you can help me. I’ll wait, thanks!


He Said: Hi Karla, thanks again for messaging us. It seems something has been brewing between both of you for sometime. Little things that build up over time. You may not have seen it, but somehow it has been there all along. It is hard to assess where this all came from based on your brief story. Still, there is always hope. Personally, I am not confrontational. Though the best thing to do is to go and ask her what’s the matter. Clear the air. If things go well, good. If not, move on. At least, you have been open. Best of all, pray for God to intervene. Not all friendships are forever. Only God’s love is. He has your back. 🙂

She Said: As a mom of two girls, I know how you feel. I always tell them to choose their friends wisely. It’s not all about the length of friendships that count but the sincerity, honesty and authenticity of those involved in the friendship. You’re still young. You will meet a lot more friends along the way. Just be careful. Remember you can always count on true friends. So when they’re not around when you need them most, maybe they’re not a friend at all. Be happy. Life is beautiful. Pray for God to give you true friends. God bless!

UPDATE from “Karla”:

Hi 🙂 I just really want to thank you for your advice the last time, about my friend. I did what you said which was to confront her, and it really worked.

Funny because it turned out that she had no problem with me. In fact, she was just waiting for me to approach her, and so was I all this time.

I mean, thank you so much! 🙂

We are back to what our friendship was before. We are now finally okay and everything is going well.

He said, She Said: That is great to hear Karla! Build it up from there. Always remember to settle things like adults when it comes to friends. They should understand you better. God bless!

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