Career or Love?

Do you really need to choose between a career and a love life? Reality strikes when you least expect it. When faced with hard choices, we need to step back a little, think, weigh, then decide. But which is the right one?

He Said: Recently, I asked a female associate to make a hard choice. It was not to choose between career or love, but to decide if she loves him or not — despite a budding career. If it was a yes, then she had to fight for the relationship and accept the need to be open about it, while facing the difficulty of balancing everything. Will he be an inspiration or a distraction? That was more of the thing she needed to decide on.

My personal take on growing a healthy relationship together with a career is built on each person’s individuality. One need not make a choice on which comes first. It should be an easy decision to make, really. It’s all about time management and commitment. Don’t overdo things, nor over analyze situations. Do what makes you happy. Not tomorrow, but now. If it takes both love and career, so be it. Learn the sophisticated art of work-and-life balance. Live! Love!

She Said: You can choose both. But you have to balance things and know your priorities. Minsan kasi may deadlines. So you can tell your partner that, “O, unahin ko muna ‘to ha?” (and vise-versa). I’m sure s/he would understand. Balance is the key to a happy life.

To-Do Today: Decide.

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