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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sukob na!

Maulan man ang buhay mo ngayon, di naman yan araw-araw o pang habangbuhay. Lilipas din. Pagdadaanan mo lang. He Said: Ang lahat ng pagsubok, di...

Career or Love?

Do you really need to choose between a career and a love life? Reality strikes when you least expect it. When faced with hard...

The past is unchangeable

The past is unchangeable. You can only change your future by doing what you can today. He Said: In relationships, there is no point in...

A love worth fighting for

Have you found a love worth fighting for? If yes, then most likely, you find your life has more meaning, has more color. Your...

Hang on, don’t hang-up

Is there something you need to be sad about today? Remember that God cares about what you feel today. He wants you to be...

The world does not need to know

He Said, She Said: There are no perfect relationships. But whatever goes on between you and your loved one should just remain between you. The...

Secretly checking your partners phone?

Do you have a habit of secretly checking your partner's cellphone? If yes, that's a big "uh-oh." (Bad yun.) He Said: Sweetie and I DO...
the one

Finding “The One”

Have you found "The One" you've been searching for? Or maybe you're still waiting for that person to come into your life. However, the most...

Do you listen?

Do you listen? This is one thing that many people in relationships fail to do. He Said: Have you experienced going to lunch or dinner...

Relationship Hack #1: Never above, never below, always beside you.

Relationship Hack #1: Never above, never below, always beside you. He Said: Love is all about 'being there.' No matter the differences and complications, what...

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