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So you have a bad experience with either your insurance or pre-need agent or the company itself? You can easily file your insurance complaint or pre-need complaint thru mail or email, according to the Insurance Commission of the Philippines.

People have approached us and messaged us on what documents should be given and how to make sure their complaints are acted upon. In our quick search, we found these bullets from Philippinesinsurance.blogspot.com that suggest you complete all your documents. Here is what they said:

To ensure that your complaint is processed, send the following:

  1.   Letter of complaint, including your specific request for help
  2.   Copy of insurance policy or pre-need contract
  3.   Police report, if this is related to the complaint, such in motor vehicle insurance claims

In your letter of complaint, include the following information:
(The IC didn’t say something about the Letter of Complaint. I compiled this list from complaint letters with the SEC, etc.)

1. Your complete name and address
2. Your insurance policy or pre-need plan:
– insurance policy name or pre-need plan name
– insurance or pre-need company name
– amount of insurance or pre-need plan
– insurance policy number or pre-need plan number
3.  What the company failed to do for you, according to the provisions of the policy or contract
4. What specific action do you like the IC to help you with.

Note: Be calm in your letter. Don’t use cuss words. Be as factual as possible.

Mail your documents to:

Insurance Commissioner
1071 United Nations Ave.,
Ermita, Manila 


Head of Division
Public Assistance and Information Division

This is the new email address of the Insurance Commission for public assistance: