content writing 2 | How Much Time Do You Spend Writing and How Much Time Marketing? | Writing and marketing are closely related since the writing process is in some way, essentially a marketing process. Writing content involves coming up with a write-up for a particular audience. Among other goals of the writing process is the goal of getting wide readership, and getting the relevant audience to read your work and give you feedback about it. This is essentially marketing in some way since continuously refining your work means improving its quality and its appeal to your audience or readers.

While marketing is broader and could encompass the use of other tools, ways, and means like the use of videos, podcasts or infographics, writing somehow becomes involved in the process. When you look at infographics keenly, there is some writing involved. At times, you might need to come up with a script for that podcast or that video.

Strike a Balance

It is highly crucial that you strike a balance between writing and marketing. This is so because the two areas are essentially complementary activities as opposed to competing activities. When you write about something, you have the intention of informing the readers about it or even explaining to your readers about its importance or disadvantages. This is actually low-key marketing, since in some way you are trying to win over the audience.

Marketing may be a different kettle of fish, but there are many similarities and overlapping areas as far as writing goes. To achieve joint progress, you, therefore, need to strike a balance. Striking a balance means that you need to ensure that you come up with a strategy that ensures you have a reasonable investment of time in writing and marketing. Since these are areas that are complementary, striking a balance should not be much of an uphill task.

Working With Targets

Working with targets allows for making progress on both the writing and marketing fronts. Setting targets could help you to fully work around your tasks with the time that is available. A good case here is committing to complete an article’s draft before focusing on marketing activities. This way, you make good use of time, avoid distractions, get things done, and meet set targets. 

Targets can also help you in the balancing process or balancing act since you have the latitude to set targets depending on the time that is available and the expectations in front of you. The key point here is that working with targets can help you to efficiently meet set targets and guide you on how to make the optimal use of time resources available.

Infusing Marketing in Writing Whenever You Can

When writing, you could use that opportunity to infuse an aspect of marketing. This allows you to make double progress and achieve progress in the area of marketing without compromising your writing. Further, since the resource of time is scarce and irredeemable, working on your marketing while writing is an efficient use of time. This is so because it allows you to have the upper hand in planning for your time in the future, thus efficiently deciding on whether to consider marketing or further writing.

In summary, the writing process is essentially marketing. When it comes to writing and going about marketing, it all boils down to how you go about your writing, how you allot and spend your time, and how you strategize.