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Are you running an insurance company? Do you want to expand your business worldwide? Having a mobile application for your insurance company plays an important role to make your business successful.

In the recent times, mobile technologies have a tremendous impact on our lives and a high-end mobile application considered as a great tool for managing tasks, reminders, health-related alerts and more. Now, there are lots of insurance companies that have realized the importance of having mobile applications that make cooperation with customers more transparent and user-friendly.

If you will provide a mobile application to your customers, they would prefer it over calling the hotline number. They will open the app on their smartphone or tablet and get required assistance. Moreover, this approach is extremely beneficial for all the insurance companies as it will reduce the call center maintenance costs.

If you have also decided to develop a mobile application for your insurance company, the below-mentioned six steps will help you to build a successful mobile app.

Six Steps to Build Successful Insurance Mobile Application

Start with Some Research

Once you decide to get a mobile application for your company, you should begin with some research. Depending on the size or engagement of your social audience, it is the best place to start.

You can ask your existing clients where they think that you need to improve, issues they have with your service, what they would like to see in an application. You should brace yourself for something very strict criticism and possibly some excitedly inappropriate racial remarks.

In case if you have not got the stomach for that, you should try having a look through the Top Apps Chart and Apple’s cheat sheet that shows the top-paid, free and grossing apps.

By researching about the top and popular applications, you can get an idea of what works in the insurance industry and what fails.

Don’t Try to Include Maximum Features

Do you know that you need to decide how it is going to work before you set aside two days to brainstorm the name and symbol for your new upcoming application? Try to focus on one or two useful uses for your application instead of stuffing a comprehensive range of simple features into your app.

After all, you are developing a mobile application for your company, not a website from the late 1990’s. You can check out some of the most successful mobile applications of last one-year and all those applications have been focusing on serving one function accurately.

For instance, Uber allows urban travelers to instantly and affordably book a private cab without any hassle. No matter whether you develop in Balsamiq or Microsoft Paint, your application wireframe needs to have one or two major system streams. More than this, it will bore your market.

Gather a Professional App Team

In the real world, you need to find a reliable, affordable and friendly developer, who will take your Paint-created wireframe and turn it into a wonderful working application. However, it is not an ideal world.

You may need to look for the designer, who can create a wonderful interface and a developer, who writes equally beautiful code then ensure that the two of them can work together.

Apart from this, you can just get in touch with an experienced mobile app development company, who has a proficient team of designers and developers for custom design. Make sure the company has niche skills that you are looking for.

Be Real & Legal

When it comes to accessing legal experts within your team, you have a major benefit being an insurance company. What you can do is enlist industry experts, who are in control with the marketing regulations and who can draft a watertight NDA for when you do need to hand over the source code or designs to get take the next step in development.

Now, it is the time to create a developer account on iTunes or Google Play store, you can ask your iOS or Android development company to perform this task for you. You also must be secure about payment gateways, which you want to use in your app.

Don’t Charge, keep it Free

Make sure that you do not charge for the application that targets existing clients. You should be generous with your tech, app’s features and the information you delivered. In this world of digital correspondence and equally, near-obsessive thrift.

As an insurance company, the main aim of the core business objective is to enhance the user experience of the existing clients and hopefully save them some money on their insurance premiums.

All you can do is ensure that analytics are integrated into your application from the get-go. These stats and graphs are helping to decide what type to features to add.

Hold Small Scale

There is no need of millions of downloads to develop a successful and great mobile insurance app. However, there are high chances that your retentions department might not be able to handle that numerous clients.

Instead of focusing on in-app purchases, you should do is focus on killer service and streamlined processes to enhance your client’s lives and make them feel valuable. You wanted to have an easy-to-use application that engages users, giving them a feeling of the best app.

So, these are the six steps that you should consider in mind to develop a successful mobile insurance application for your business. To get the one with rich features, you can hire a mobile app developer with years of experience in the mobile app industry.