Ideas for a Cosy Bedroom

Ideally, our bedrooms should be the cosiest, most comfortable and peaceful room in the house, but it’s sometimes hard to achieve that goal without sacrificing either comfort or aesthetics. Many people opt for function over form, but it doesn’t have to be like that. There are many creative ways you can design a cosy and inviting bedroom that serves its purpose during the night but also offers a pleasant sanctuary during the day.

Here are several easy and practical tips on how to design your bedroom and make it cosy, comfortable and refreshing.

    • Add layers and texture

By using a multitude of layers and rich textures, you’ll give your neutral bedroom more depth and interest and you’ll make it instantly more comfortable and cosy. Firstly, pick your colour scheme and focus on layering your bed as a central piece in your room. Create a feeling like the whole room has been wrapped up in soft fabric: fit your bed with a soft, velvety headboard, cover the wall behind it with textured wallpapers, add a couple of blankets and throws and several big, fluffy pillows.

If you’re going for rustic charm, introduce some raw materials such as jute rugs, rope details, repurposed wood nightstands and exposed beams or bricks.

    • Keep it light and warm

Colours are your main tools when thinking of brightness and warmth. It’s very subjective, but colder colours may make you feel less comfortable and if you use a warmer palette, such as copper, rose gold, brown and pink, you’ll create a warmer vibe.

Lighting is another tool you can use to brighten up your bedroom but think beyond just boring old bedside lamps. There are fantastic and creative ways to be playful with light sources such as adding fairy lights around the headboard and at the base of your window. It will give the room a soft glow and make it feel much warmer and cosier. 

Finally, use candles for an extra light source and a touch of romance. When using oil burners, opt for soy melts as an alternative to oils. They usually come 6 blocks in a packet and you simply break off a piece and place it on the top of your burner. It will give off a pleasant glow and a gorgeous scent of your own choosing – lotus, sandalwood, rose, patchouli, lavender, vanilla, berry, coconut and many more.

    • Pay attention to details

When designing your bedroom to be your own sanctuary, let your personality and tastes be your guidelines. Pick the décor that is reflective of who you are and introduce details that inspire you, from childhood memorabilia, travel souvenirs, art pieces and trinkets that have a sentimental value to you. These are the elements that will personalize your bedroom and add greatly to its cosiness factor.

Your room should be your own peaceful retreat where you can sleep at night and relax at day. It should lift your spirits every day and inspire you. So, don’t be afraid to display the things you love that make you happy as they will add soul and character to your room.

With a third of our lives spent in our bedroom, so they definitely deserve the extra attention and by making it a cosy and peaceful retreat, we also allow ourselves to start and end our days on a higher note.