Is it hard for you to let go of someone you love?

Sometimes, you know for a fact that the time has come to go on separate ways. Still, your heart tells you to fight for “what was,” despite of “what is.” What to do?

Here’s our take…

He Said: In a relationship that has ended, there is usually one party who lets go while the other holds on. As this involves 2 parties, let me take the side of the guy only, this time.

Pare, there is always a compelling reason why a girl leaves. It might not be valid in your eyes, but most likely, the girl has “had enough.” Typically, girls are very patient with men. They give us chances. But when they’ve had enough (whatever that is), they decide and drop the bomb on us. Just like that. And usually (and sadly), it’s for good. If they have found someone else, well, that makes it more difficult to get them back.

What to do? Set her free. If she comes back, she’s yours. If not, she probably was never meant for you. You can try to win her back. But after many tries, go and find someone else. Be a man. You’ll get over her. Promise yan. 🙂

Pray for the next one, ok?

She Said: When a man leaves a woman, the general conclusion is always a third party. This might be 90% true, but after doing your best to fight for your relationship, I think it’s time to just let go. Nope, you are not the problem. It’s just that you deserve someone better. Don’t waste your time looking for a reason. Maybe you are not meant for each other. Don’t rush for the next one. Pray hard for the right one, and you will never go wrong.

So keep calm, God is preparing the best for you. He is in control. Let Him take the wheel. 🙂

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