“Love songs don’t leave you, but lovers often do.” – Boni Tyler
Wow, that hurts — when the love of your life leaves you. But should it hurt you forever?

He Said: The song by Boni Tyler in 1978 (If I Sing You a Love Song) still reverberates the airwaves today, thanks to radio stations like 105.9FM (Manila). Having been sang in the past, it also echoes the hurt feelings of many who have lost a lover. But feelings like these should not linger. In fact, it is said that you only have 17 minutes to feel sorry for yourself. After which, you are doing it (feeling hurt) on purpose. One should learn to move forward or miss the chance of a better love — the love that you truly deserve.

She Said: Just focus on what is in front of you. Don’t look back. Because if you do, you’ll have a tendency to stay for awhile. Stay positive. Keep in mind that there is someone waiting for you. So smile. Life is beautiful! 🙂

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