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From message sender “Hannah” |

Good morning po. I don’t know if you’ll answer. Maybe you receive tons of messages a day. I’ll be very happy and thankful if you will be able to reply po. So here goes…

I had a recent relationship of two years. We started as friends before we made our relationship official.

Our relationship was OK with our families. In fact, lagi po nga po niya akong sinasama sa mga events sa kanila, at ganun din naman siya sa amin. Sobrang ok na po and lahat.

Yes, we had our usual “fights.” Then last July, we had another seemingly simple fight.

Siguro po napuno na siya sa kakaaway namin. Kasi bigla na lang po siya hindi na nagparamdam. Ganun na lang po ba yun, as in?

How do I move on from someone I see through his social media posts who looks happy? It makes me depressed to see him happy that way while I feel so miserable.

Paano po niya nagawang as in ganun-ganun lang na biglang hindi nagparamdam? Then, ok na po agad siya?

Thank you.


Apologies for just replying now as yes, we receive a lot of messages we respond to.

He Said: We have to separate our responses as it will be better for you to understand both sides. So I am answering from the side of a guy.

First, guys seem to move on so easily. We have to let people see we are ok even though it’s not always the case. We try to bury our feelings especially in social media. Sometimes, it is to send our ex some kind of message or simply to show the macho image. It’s ego. 🙂

Not to give you hope on getting back together, but men get hurt, too. We just hate showing it. Thus, don’t feel bad as if ikaw lang ang depressed. Most likely, nagsawa na sya sa mga away nyo. Men want peace and stability in a relationship. We hate drama. 🙂

And yes, it’s time to move on. How? I give Sweetie the floor…

She Said: Real men don’t leave their woman hanging. He should face any situation squarely. Dapat magpakalalaki sya at harapan nyang sabihin kung ano ang problema. Leaving you guessing is unfair. I don’t even think he deserves you and your love. Just let go. Period.

Tip. Don’t rush into your next relationship. And guys hate nagging and drama. Don’t look for him. Pray for him. God will send you the right guy at His perfect time.

God bless!

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