Do you have a habit of secretly checking your partner’s cellphone? If yes, that’s a big “uh-oh.” (Bad yun.)

He Said: Sweetie and I DO NOT check each other’s phones. We don’t do it to our kids (now grown up) either. First, it’s a privacy issue. The phone is like the old letter (or snail mail) which you simply do not open. It doesn’t matter if that person is “family.” We like to have some privacy as an individual. Second, it’s a trust issue. Checking on your spouse, girl/boyfriend, kids or any loved one is a big no-no. It means you don’t trust them. Also, would you want them to do the same to you? By the way, this advice includes checking ALL social media accounts.

She Said: What?!? Ladies, please never ever do this. We have been married for 25 years and this has never been an issue because I don’t — let me repeat — I don’t touch his personal things. Be it his wallet, laptop, bag and most importantly, his cellphone. We call this respect. And if you trust your partner, there’s no need to pry into his belongings. Unless you were asked to check his messages, it’s the ONLY time you are allowed to do so. So hands off, please. Comprende?

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