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He Said, She Said (Philippines) is the online home of relationship mentors Buddy and Jinky Nievera.

This site content revolves around the advice column,¬†relationship tips and so called ‘hugots’ (quotables). Readers may use our personal posts as helpful guides for their own situations. Since we also share curated content, we these ‘shareables’ as something relatable to our readers and thus, possible helpful guides for their daily lives.

We purposely change names, places and edit details of messages sent to us to protect the privacy of our message-senders.

Buddy and Jinky are a married couple of 25 years. Well-traveled and battle-scarred in life, together they embark on life coaching for couples and would-be couples.

Together, they help single men and women in their quest for “The One” through online and offline (whenever possible) counselling.

Buddy and Jinky believe in the power of prayer when it comes to mending, strengthening and moving on from relationships.