holding hands

In love? Be happy and show the world that you do. Spread the love! 🙂

He Said: There is an argument on whether PDA (public display of affection) is ok or not. I come from Generation X and it seems we started this phenomenon. 🙂 Being a dad in today’s world, I’d go for holding hands as ok. Now, for kissing in public, being a guy, a sweet peck would do. No harm there. Beyond that, please set the boundaries between malicious and sweet, ok?

Just the same, keep the love alive between each other. Most especially if s/he is your “The One.”

She Said: Life is lived to the fullest. Live and love as if nobody is watching. Most of all, know the source of all the love — is God.

God is love. And His love is the only one that’s perfect.

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