Room Family

There’s nothing like spending time with your loved ones. The problem is, if there’s not enough space in your house, chances are everyone in your family spends the majority of the day in their rooms. If you believe it’s time to start hanging out with your family members more, adding a family room to your home is a great idea. Listed below are the top four ways to do so.

Remodel your basement

In case you have a large basement that doesn’t play a significant role in your home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t think about turning it into a family room. Most basements are spacious, meaning that you should be able to get any type of seating and entertainment options. However, bear in mind that basements usually aren’t insulated probably and you might have to add another layer of it as a part of your project. Installing a ventilation system is also recommended as it can help you deal with moisture.

Build an extension

This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about adding a family room to your home. In case your backyard is spacious enough, the best thing you can do is build an extension and make it a multipurpose room where you can spend time with your family members. This will also provide you with more storage and a corner space you can even use as a home office. When building an extension, make sure you use permanent formwork and only opt for quality building materials. Also, turning to local experts is a better idea than building an extension DIY-style.

Give your garage a new look

If you don’t keep your car in the garage, it might just be the perfect place for adding your new family room. Similarly to the basement, your garage may need an insulation boost in order to be used as a family room. Since most garages aren’t designed to be a living space, you might need to add proper acoustic insulation as well. Luckily, there’s no need to replace your garage door since you can just open it in the summer and extend your family room to the outside and spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Build a sunroom

Not so long ago, most homeowners wanted a sunroom in their home. The problem was that these rooms would get so cold during the winter and most people would opt for a traditional room instead. Nowadays, there are prefabricated elements that can take the insulation in your sunroom to the next level and make the space more comfortable and practical. Not to mention that all the natural light you let in will make the whole place look even bigger. Just a TV or a storage option full of board games can easily turn a regular sunroom into a real family room where you and your loved ones can have all the fun you want.


Adding a family room is one of the best ways to ensure you and your loved ones spend more time together. Not only that but a new room like this can easily add both style and value to your home. Once the works have been finished, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun things you can use your new family room for.