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Showing appreciation to your employees should become an integrated strategy of your business operations. By not skimping on the praise, you boost their morale and the overall job satisfaction which all leads to them being more productive. If you are unsure what are the right means to achieve employee retention, here are a few suggestions.

Ask for their opinion

Imagine how much trouble you would be saving yourself if you just asked the people working on a particular project what they taught could be improved. They are the ones with the best insight into things so they might come up with great solutions to certain issues. To give an equal chance to introverts, you could also introduce a suggestion box which is anonymous. However, the best manner to show that you value their opinion is to go through with those ideas and laud them publicly, if the solutions were given transparently.

Make ‘thank you’ notes fashionable again

It can be said that we exist in two worlds – the physical one, where our body is and the digital one, where are online persona is. The younger generation has stopped using pen and paper outside of the classroom and they opt for digital aids to help them brainstorm, doodle or write. However, a hand-written note can do a great deal in raising your employees’ self-confidence. Just imagine getting a ‘thank you’ note written by your boss praising you for a job well done – you would put a smile on their face instantly. You can put it on their table when they are away from their desk or on their locker door but make sure you are not seen leaving it since the element of surprise is crucial.

Think of creative rewards

If your employees get a creative reward for their effort, you will notice a boost in their creativity and the level of job satisfaction. How about presenting custom corporate awards to employees who have had the biggest influence on the business’ prospects? You can give out owl-shaped rewards for the wisest decisions or puppy-shaped ones for the most innovative interns. Another idea that they might find interesting is working from your office for a day or picking a theme for the office party. If the rewards are tempting and original, you will motivate a healthy dose of competitiveness amongst them which will be reflected in more work being done and higher motivation.

Celebrate important dates

Just as in any relationship, remembering important dates deepens the connection and creates an atmosphere of trust and harmony. So, you need to make sure that you keep track of your employees’ birthdays so you can prepare a card and delegate the tasks of collecting the money and purchasing a gift. Also, it would be nice for them to be presented with the gift at lunchtime, so that others can join the small celebration too. Besides birthdays, work anniversaries are equally, if not more, important because being congratulated by your boss for another year of dedication stimulates their self-esteem.

Give them a recharge room

Even if you had enough sleep and have healthy living habits, sometimes the tasks you perform tire you to your bones. Unpleasant clients and long meetings can lead not only to an increase of stress but to a decline in the performance. However, if you provide your employees with space for clearing their heads and recharging their batteries, they will be fresh and ready to tackle any task. The spare storage room can be transformed into a recharge space, for instance, a room for meditation, napping or entertainment. The design of the room depends on your budget and their wishes but introducing a room they could use to de-stress during their break is a good long-term investment. It exhibits your genuine appreciation and cares for their well-being.

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