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Hi po. Can I ask for advice?

How can I let go someone I loved so much. He chooses to leave — giving me some reasons which for me are not enough to end our 3-year relationship. Is it because he has a new one that’s why he choose to leave?

Thank you so much! Keep on inspiring and helping people through your page.



He Said: From the point of view of a guy, and probably even as a father to two daughters, I fully understand what you are going through. Whatever reasons your ex has given you for leaving, consider it as a blessing. First, it is best he left now than when you are married. That would have put you in a worse situation. Now you know what he is made of. I am not sure if he left you for someone else. The fact is, you are probably not meant for each other. If things didn’t work out, just be thankful it ended now than later. Acceptance is the key to moving on. Pray for the next one but guard your heart more next time.

She Said : Everything happens for a reason. As to why it happened, you will find out along the way. Rest assured it is for a good reason. Moving on is a decision only you can make. Just be glad he was a part of your life. Keep in mind that the Lord is preparing someone better for you. One day, when you look back, you will find out that moving on from hereon is one of the best decisions you’ve made. Stay pretty and happy. Life is beautiful! God bless!

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